Earlier this year, for some bizarre reason, #JCBKiKhudai trended on Twitter in India and since then, the yellow machine has become people’s favourite meme on the Internet.

Well, JCB has hit the headlines once again and the reason is a little bizarre again. This time, a man drove a JCB tractor so fast that he ended up setting a new Guinness World Record.

Yes, lorry mechanic and motorcycle racer Guy Martin rode the JCB tractor at a whopping speed of 217 Km/h. The Guinness World Record website says that Martin initially broke the record by attaining a new record of 166.79 Km/h  before going faster by reaching 217 km/h.

Well, seems Martin has a fascination for weird speed records as he currently holds records for the fastest speed on a gravity-powered snow sled (83.49 mph/134.368 kph), the fastest soapbox (85.61 mph/137.78 kph), and highest speed on a Wall of Death (78.15 mph/25.77 kph).

Martin used to be a truck mechanic before making a career in racing and then later on Television.

“There are some good folk there and they said about this idea of building the world’s fastest tractor. So I said ‘if you want it piloting give us a shout’ and that’s where it came about,” he told Guinness World Records.

Watch the video here: