Mangalore: In an act of kindness that is winning hearts online, a 40-year-old Mangalore woman risked her own life and climbed down a 30ft deep well to rescue a stray dog. The video of the woman bravely climbing down the well and rescuing a dog who fell into it accidentally is going viral on social media, with netizens hailing her as a ‘hero’.

As per local reports, the dog allegedly fell into the well after a fight with other street dogs and was trapped inside for an entire night. Many rushed to help but their efforts failed, following which she Rajani Damodar Shetty was summoned to help out. Shetty, who hails from Mangalore, is an ardent animal lover and takes care of dozens of strays in the area.

In the video, Shetty can be seen hanging using a rope to descend into the well and then ties it around the dog. People gathered outside pull up the rope attached to the dog, following which it runs free.

Here is the video:

After the video went viral, people have been hailing the woman for bravery:

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