Meerut: Dramatic scenes were witnessed in Meerut, after the Traffic Police issued a challan to a motorbike-rider after he was found driving his bike without a helmet.

According to reports, the rider was seen driving his bike in the busy Begum Bridge in Meerut, without a helmet. When he was caught, he pleaded and made multiple requests to the police to not issue him a challan. He told the police that he had just lost his job and is under extreme stress. He even clung to the feet of the traffic policeman but to no avail as the police ultimately did issue a challan in his name.

Frustrated, the youth then throws his bike around and then sits on it and starts weeping inconsolably while onlookers and police watch. Some even captured the whole incident on their mobile phones, the video of which has gone viral.

The police later pacified the young man and sent him home. Meanwhile, the video has attracted widespread comments on social media, with some people empathizing with the youth and criticising the new Motor Vehicles Act.

Some even slammed the youth for breaking the traffic rules, dubbing the episode as ‘drama’


In a similar case of frustration over being issued a challan, an inebriated man set his bike on fire after receiving a traffic fine of Rs 11,000 in September this year.

Under the amended Motor Vehicles Act, the government had increased the penalties for violations of traffic rules. The provisions of the Motor Vehicles Amendment Act 2019 was notified by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways and the Act came into practice in many states across India starting from September 1.

As per a recent report, total fine of Rs 577 crore have been collected from September 1 since the amended Motor Vehicle Act came into force across the country.