NASA’s Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 will study the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and will provide us with a better understanding of the complete global picture of human and natural sources of carbon dioxide as it plays a crucial role in understanding the climatic change. Also it will tell us about the sources of carbon dioxide as well as where the carbon dioxide gets sucked out of the atmosphere and gets stored.

The relation of carbon dioxide interacting with global carbon cycle will be the key component of the mission to look upon.

It explores what will happen to us in 50 years! The temperature change as well as the climatic ones has resulted in lot of concern from the authorities, so as to look into it the Orbiting Carbon Observatory 2 project is launched in July. The mission is to study the carbon dioxide build up and how fast will it build up in the future.

Watch the video by NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and learn more about the mission!