Over 1,000 people have died so far in Karachi due to the scorching heat wave. And, believe it or not, Pakistan’s Minister for Climate Change Mushahidullah Khan, without proper homework, has blamed India for this. The minister believes that the coal-powered plants operating in the Indian state of Rajasthan are possibly one of the reasons behind deadly heatwave in Karachi and his ministry is in the process of gathering information for the same. Also Read- Pakistani political party received funding from India – dear BBC, where’s the proof?

According to Mushahidullah Khan, “a fallout effect of the coal-powered plants has probably added to the already warm temperatures in Karachi along with other abnormal climate change events.” The minister doesn’t stop there and talks about taking the issue to the United Nations if India is found guilty.

However, the government is facing harsh criticism for not providing adequate health care facilities to those affected by sunstroke and dehydration. After the soaring temperatures, which went up to 45 degrees Celsius, Karachi witnessed a dip in the mercury. Here is the video evidence of the event, uploaded by GURUdev on YouTube-