Shanghai: The Chinese are known for their ground-breaking technology and innovation. This time, it’s a room service robot in a hotel in Shanghai which is making waves on the internet. Recently, an American journalist shared a video of her experience at a hotel in Shanghai, which has left netizens stunned.

Anna Fifield of the Washington Post, was taken by surprise when she ordered extra coffee pods, and a robot delivered it to her. In the video, Anna can be heard saying, “Good Morning, robot!” before pressing the ‘open’ button to take the pods—one regular, another decaf.

Sharing the video on Twitter, her post read, “I called for more coffee pods in my Shanghai hotel room, and this is how they came to me.”

When people inquired how the robot rang the doorbell, Anna said that the machine called on the room’s phone and informed her that it was waiting outside, speaking both in English and Chinese. Watch the video here:

Fifield’s post has now gone viral, with more than 6000 retweets and more than 29,000 likes, with people wondering if this is our future.

People also shared similar experiences when they were bowled over by technology

Back in January this year, Alibaba had unveiled a futuristic Chinese hotel complete with facial recognition checking, robot room service and ‘barbots’, as per a Reuters report. Alibaba said that these robots drastically cuts the hotel’s cost of human labor and eliminates the need for guests to interact with other people.

In 2014 Chinese President Xi Jinping called for a “robot revolution” in manufacturing and since then the country has gone all out for automation, replacing ‘humans with robots’. People arised thsi issue in their tweets as well