Thuraiyur: In an act of kindness, a man in Tamil Nadu put his own life at risk to save a peacock from drowning inside snake-infested well. In the video that’s going viral, the man can be seen using a make-shift harness to rappel down the 30-feet- well in order to reach the drowning bird.

The incident reportedly took place back in October in Thuraiyur town in Tiruchirappalli district of Tamil Nadu, the video of which has emerged only now.

While others guide and support him, the man in the video slowly makes his way down and reaches the water surface before taking a dip and reaching the drowning bird.  When he finally manages to get a hold of the bird, he signals his associates to pull him back up. After he successfully makes his way out of the well, he releases the bird.

The video of the rescue operation is now warming the hearts of netizens, who are hailing the man for his kind act.

Watch the video here:


In a similar instance in November, a stray dog who was stranded and stuck inside a 40 feet deep tank in Pune, was rescued after almost a week.

The dog was rescued by a NGO called RESQ, which had shared the video on Twitter, melting hearts of netizens.