Santa Cruz: A video shot along California’s Central Coast has captured the dramatic moment, when a man was swept away into the ocean by a giant wave near Bonny Doon Beach.

In the video, an unnamed man can be seen walking along the rocks at Bonny Doon Beach when suddenly a huge wave forms behind him and appears to wipe him out. The man is thrown backwards several feet, crashing back down onto the rocks on his back.

The incident occurred at around 4 pm on December 20, when the beachgoer was perched on some rocks near the ocean.Thankfully, he was rescued by Cal Fire and California State Parks rangers and escaped with minor injuries.

The video of the incident was posted on Facebook by Santa Cruz County officials to warn beach goers of hazardous surf.

”Be careful on your coastal New Year’s Day hikes, and never turn your back on the ocean! Waves can sneak up on you, as this Bonny Doon beachgoer recently discovered,” the post read.

Watch it here:

As a precautionary measure, officials are now advising beach goers to be safe near the water and to not turn their backs on the ocean.

Shortly, after the incident, the National Weather Service also issued a beach hazards statement, with waves as tall as two-story buildings are further expected to rattle the coast.