College students swear by chewing gums before making out but Immuno Gum is a new one of a kind gum which claims to include immune-system-boosting ingredients! Yes you heard it right. The product tagline is; ‘Gum with benefits’ and it fits well and also acts as a pun.

To promote the brand,  students from Chapman University’s film school created this video of a pair of college students the hottest at the school, according to the ad’s makers handing out free samples of the chewing gums, and then free kisses, to dozens of their peers on campus. Watch the strangers reacting to the intimate moment; some cute, awkward and adorable pecks and kisses.

Immuno Gum has the first ever herbal blend immunity product in chewing gum form. It contains zinc, vitamin C, Echinacea, Elderberry, Siberian, and Ginseng. What more can you ask for in a chewing gum. It is also totally vegan safe, sugar free and gluten free as well.

Watch the video below!