The Indian armed forces is the fourth strongest when it comes to effectiveness in the field and the ability to win wars. To quench your curiosity the most powerful armed forces belong to USA, US and China followed by India at number 4. You would think that with all the corruption the army, navy and air force would be deterred but these men and women are trained in such a way that defending the pride of the nation is all that is on their minds.

The Indian Army, The Indian Navy and the Indian Air Force along with the special task forces that coordinate with these three armed forces come together to protect the integrity of our great nation. Their success are seldom known while their few failures are plastered over the media. They deserve the accolades and our respect. This respect will ooze out of you once you know what they do so that you can afford to not care about many pressing issues.

The brave people of the Army, Navy and Air Force make innumerable sacrifices and they do not turn their backs even with the worst odds. The debt to the motherland can only be paid with their service and if a life is required, they do it with pride. Watch this inspirational video of the Indian armed forces showing what they do for the great nation of India.