New Delhi: The internet is full of viral challenges and the latest one which has baffled netizens is the chair challenge! However, the most weird part about this challenge, is that only women seem to be able to complete this challenge and for some reason, men are failing to finish it.

And this fact is just driving the men crazy!

The challenge simply involving bending over and leaning against a wall by the head, pulling up a chair to your chest and simply standing up with the chair. While men struggle to stand upright again while holding the chair, women are able to do the challenge effortlessly.

Have a look at the video which has gone viral:

People are now posting hilarious videos showing the unexpected results and showing men struggling so much with the challenge.


The inability of men to complete such a simple challenge has fascinated scientists too. According to US scientist Jeremy Johnson, its all due to the centre of mass.  He said that the center of mass for most of the girls is lower to the hips while the center of mass in boys is much higher.

However, Professor Brian Ford at Cambridge University has a different theory and he believes that the size of men’s feet might have something to do with it. He said that men have longer feet than women and the larger feet result a man to stand farther from the wall than the woman.

Willing to try it?