Scientists have made robots in all shapes and sizes and while robotics experts have relied heavily on nature for inspiration, one would hardly think that they would be taking inspiration from snakes. Now, scientists have made a snake-like robot that can slither along the ground. Crawling snake robots were made previously as well, but they differed from the actual serpents in one crucial fact that they did not have scaly skin. However, a snake’s skin plays an integral and crucial role in helping them crawl about as it enables them to grip onto surfaces and gain adequate friction for them to move forward. Scientists gave this creepy crawling robot artificial snakeskin to help it slither its way on the ground.

Scientists employed plastic scales wrapped around a soft fleshy body and succeeded in prototyping and mimicking Mother Nature in creating a snake-like effect. The artificial snakeskin helps the crawling robot to move on the ground like an earthworm. Finding the right combination of scale shape and configuration was a long and tedious process and after much experimenting, the scientists could come up with a prototype that would help the robot crawl on the ground. Humanoid Robot Sophia Says Her Favourite Bollywood Actor is Shah Rukh Khan

Watch the video of the creepy crawling robot slither on the ground here:

The snakeskin robot was made by a team of researchers from the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS). An ancient Japanese paper craft that relies on cuts, rather than origami folds, to change the properties of a material called kirigami was employed to make the soft robotic scales. The kirigami scales grip the ground beneath just like a snake’s scales does causing enough friction and a firm grip to help it advance forward.