Tenerife: You will literally have your heart in your mouth after you watch this video of a child running on the ledge of a building in Tenerife, Spain.

The video which has gone viral on social media shows a little girl climbing out from a window of a fourth-floor apartment and then walking along the ledge towards the balcony before making her way back inside the building.

The 18-second video, was tweeted by Radio presenter Jer Dixon on Tuesday, who wrote, ‘This is absolutely terrifying to watch. Apparently recorded in Tenerife… I always try to book ground floor rooms when on hols with the kids.. you can see why’.

The video has now alarmed social media users, who are now slamming the parents for such irresponsible and careless behavior. According to a Metro report, police are looking for the parents of the little girl after the video went viral.

Here’s the video (Viewer Discretion is Advised)

The video has been viewed over 1.5 million times, prompting angry reactions from people all over the world. However many defended the parents saying “how many times have we turned our back for two seconds”,while another urged people “not to judge” until we “know they whole story”.

Some also slammed the person who captured the video instead of doing something about the situation.

The child’s parents are believed to be holidaymakers from Finland, who do not wish to be named, as per a report by Metro News.