Moscow: What would you do if there was some problem with your car? Take it to a garage for repairs, or sell it, maybe. Yes, because that’s what normally one would do, but not this vlogger from Russia, who got so frustrated with his car that he decided to completely demolish it by dropping it from a helicopter!

Also, it’s not some ordinary car we are talking about, but a Mercedes AMG G63 or the Mercedes-Benz G Class, which costs $200,000 (around Rs 1.42 crore).

The vlogger, identified as Igor Moroz is now going viral after he uploaded the video of the act, which shows him tying the car to a helicopter and taking it up to the skies, before smashing it to pieces by dropping it from a height of 1000 feet.

In the video, he explains how he bought the car for $200,000 in March 2018, as part of a ‘personal goal,’ only to have it become a constant source of disappointment and discomfort, because of it being in the garage for repairs most of the time. Ultimately, fed up of constant glitches in the car, Moroz decided to destroy it in his own unique way.

The publicity stunt has now gone viral on YouTube and Instagram, with people saying that vloggers will just do anything for views and clicks. Here’s the video of the wild act:


Meawhile, the police authorities weren’t too happy with the stunt and have launched an investigation into the matter. What are your thoughts on this?