New Delhi: An elderly man is winning praise on the internet for his act of kindness after he came to the rescue of a stray cat.

In the video that has gone viral, an elderly man holds a chair up to help rescue a cat who is stranded on a ledge. The cat, who is too scared takes some time before she jumps onto the chair and the man carefully lowers the chair to the ground. The animal then jumps on the road and runs into an alley.

This video, which has received over one million views, was first shared on Facebook by a popular Pakistani meme page with the caption, “This made my day,” and four love emojis.

Eventually, other pages have since shared it and the video has been viewed thousands of times.

Though it’s not clear where and when the video was shot, the gesture of the old man is being widely appreciated and people are praising him for this selfless act.

One user wrote, ”A lovely little random act of kindness, bless his heart”, while another commented ”Bless his heart! Such a kind man. Thank you for helping the cats”.

The video has gone viral on Twitter too, with people pouring their love for the elderly man:

In a similar act of kindness, a rickshaw puller in Delhi is winning hearts after he was seen giving a ride to a street dog who is wrapped in a blanket in the freezing cold.