Sawai Madhopur: A group of tourists were left terrified when a wild tiger chased their safari vehicle at Ranthambore National Park.

The video of the incident, shows the vehicle stopping on a road with tourists photographing a tigress known as Sultana. When the tour vehicle reverses , the tigress ferociously chases the vehicle for about 30 metres as the driver tries to outrun it. The tigress doesn’t give up and continues the chase until the vehicle moves in another direction. After a while, the tigress slows down and disappears into the jungle.

The incident took place in Zone 1 of the Ranthambhore National Park.  The video, shared by news agency ANI, has been viewed over 13,000 times and flooded with comments.

Many users tweeted that animals should be left alone in their own natural habitat.

“We should leave them alone. Also there should be a complete ban on human entry into forest. Only Forest official should be allowed,” said one user.

As per locals, felines are angered by the constant stream of safari vehicles and that’s why this particular tigress chased the vehicle.

The tigress was possibly angry because it hadn’t made a kill for some time due to a leg injury. In October, this tigress had suffered a thorn injury and disappeared for a while. It returned to Zone 1 just a few days ago. To maintain a safe distance from her, the driver might have revved up and driven faster than he should, angering Sultana further,” a source told the Times of India.