Sand artist Manas Kumar Sahoo created a beautiful sand sculpture of Narendra Modi, days before Modi’s swearing-in as India’s 15th Prime Minister in a grand ceremony on May 26 at 6 pm IST.

The sculpture on a beach shows Modi sitting on chair with skyscrapers in the background, denoting positive changes for the economy. He is wearing a sand-coloured outfit with a saffron stole. A map of India is sculpted in green against his knees, and at his feet lies the Bharatiya Janata Party’s (BJP) election symbol of the lotus

‘NaMo NaMo, Congratulations Prime Minister Designate Narendra Modi’, the sculpture says on one side. And ‘We hope for a better India’ on the other. A camel peacefully walks in the background. Watch this lovely sculpture of Narendra Modi in the video below!