New Delhi: A video of a man inside a liquor store in the Cayman Islands when an aftershock with a magnitude of 6.1 struck went viral as in that grave moment of emergency, the man went to save the liquor bottles.

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As captured on the CCTV footage, the man was loitering inside the shop. There were a few other customers too. Suddenly, the tremor was felt. The man stood flabbergasted for a moment as everything around him started trembling. Then he moved towards the rack of liquor bottles which were heavily shaking, tried to hold it, though finally the bottles came crashing down.

Social media is hailing the man as a hero.

An earthquake of 7.7 magnitudes struck in the Caribbean Sea to the south of Cuba and northwest of Jamaica, causing tremors in Florida and sinkholes in the Cayman Islands. A brief tsunami alert was sounded in the US mainland. Hours later, a 6.1 magnitude aftershock hit off the coast of the Cayman Islands, part of a cluster of more than a dozen aftershocks