Moscow: The Russian president, Vladimir Putin turns 67 today and is going to celebrate the special day with his family and close ones in the countryside. However, ahead of his birthday, the Russian leader took a break from state affairs and spent a few days exploring the Siberian wilderness with his top officers.

The footage released by the Kremlin features Putin and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu making their way through the wild in a two-seat off-road buggy. They also took part in activities like hiking, hill walking and off-road driving in the pristine forests.

Well, Putin is quite a fitness enthusiast. His adventurous vacations and explorations have always attracted media attention whether it be, underwater fishing or horseback riding.

Watch the video here: (Video courtesy- RT)


This celebration is in contrast with his previous birthdays, which he has preferred to spend with his former or acting counterparts.

Last year, Putin had invited former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi to his birthday. Berlusconi even posted a photograph on his Facebook page, saying that he was flying “to my friend Vladimir Putin”.

In 2017, Putin said that he had celebrated his birthday with Chinese President Xi Jinping, “drinking vodka and eating sausages”.