New Delhi: At a time when India is seething with anger over the horrific rapes that are happening in the country, everyone has an opinion on how to stop such incidents from happening. On one hand, Hyderabad police has issued a advisory for women on how to be safe while travelling and on the other hand, MPs in Rajya Sabha are demanding death penalties for rapists and lynching of the accused in the public.

However, no one seems to be talking about the root cause of this problem and suggest solutions on how our women can actually feel safe. Recently, in one of the protest marches demanding safety, a woman said that since men are the problem, they should be the ones staying at home. The pertinent suggestion by the woman protester has now resonated with a lot of people on social media and the video has gone viral.

In the video uploaded by Twitter handle @nuts2406, the woman holding a placard says,“I don’t want a policeman or my brother or any other man to safeguard me. Since the cause of the problem is you, You stay behind at home after 7 pm”.

Watch the video here:

Though impractical, given the need of the hour, a lot of people seemed to agree with the woman’s thoughts and lauded her


Many, however, found the video outrageous and noted that ‘not all men’ are the problem



Crimes against women are constantly on the rise. Just yesterday, a man was arrested for allegedly raping a 70-year-old woman in Uttar Pradesh’s Sonbhadra district.