A hilarious advertisement of a water purifier is doing rounds on the internet today. Prestige LifeStraw company can do anything to make the product stand out from the rest. They recently proved in their ad which says, “pure vegetarian”. Yes, you read that right!

The company’s marketing campaign claimed that normal water is non-vegetarian as it has bacteria and virus and their water filter will ensure “pure vegetarian” water.

“Boiling will kill germs but the killed germs are still in the water, not making it vegetarian water. Prestige LifeStraw uses Ultrafiltration with hollow fibre technology that physically REMOVES all virus, bacteria and Cysts, leaving only pure water with NO germs, dead or alive in it,” reads the description on company’s website.

Netizens were speechless when they came across the bizarre advertisement in a newspaper. While some thought it is weird and some thought it’s a joke. One of the users posted the advertisement on Twitter with a caption, “No word after this advertisement *pure vegetarian water* ??- milk and fermented product are also made by bacterial culture. Can we say that this is the right way of advertisement? “Can I take opinion to FSSAI on this’.”

Take a look at the advertisement:


Take a look at the reactions below:


Some wrote, “Well, you are still going to get the “paap” of killing those microorganisms no matter where the body goes.”

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