This Culture Machine and Schitz En Giggles Joint song  called We Called Him Bhaiyya will although make you understand the pain of rejected men, but on another note it will leave you laughing out loud at this epic song. The song describes the feeling of rejection by men, this is an ode to all the single men out there who got crushed by their crush!

The song is perfect depiction of how guys plan to be a girl’s rebound backup, but the girl calls him bluntly a door mat. No matter how hard the guy wants to be her saiyya, she calls him bhaiyya instead. Culture Machine and Bollywood Gandu have come up with this apt viral song around  Raksha Bandhan. ‘We Called Him Bhaiyya’ is a tribute to all the fallen so called bhaiyyas who strive to be saiyyas .The video has pretty hilarious lyrics, the witty lyrics include talking about how from a guy’s point of view it is so hard to be a Rakhi brother and from a girls point of view how desperate a guy is desperate that he even tries to sell his virginity of eBay! Now this gets interesting!. So all the Rakhi brothers out there who still get tagged as Bhaiyya and can’t get rid of the Bhaizone, do watch this video!

Check out this unplugged version of “She Called Me Bhaiyya”, by a Culture Machine and Schitz En Giggles Joint a song that every guy can relate to specially on this occasion of “Raksha Bandhan”