Wedding photographers are the ones which complete the marriage ceremonies by clicking the best from the event. You may think that hiring a professional photographer is an expense you can’t afford. But when you see the pictures, you feel lucky to have memories and that extra money doesn’t pinch. During the hustle and bustle of your D-day, the last thing you want to do is bring together friends and family for group photographs. Apart from taking beautiful photographs on your big day their job is to plan for the pre-wedding shoots. Photographers are creative in what they do, they choose the best lighting, suitable angle to spice up your best shot.

Photographers will show their creativity by laying in the mud, climbing trees or even do a full split to get the perfect angle. Here is one such video of a Kerala wedding photographer which is breaking the internet. Photographers have a big responsibility, and as you can see, some people take that responsibility very seriously indeed!

The video is on BTS, shows a photographer turned upside down from a tree is busy clicking a perfect shot. As he tries to get down the tree, he gives his camera over to the groom to hold. You will be glad to see the result of this epic photography.

Watch this funny video:


Check the end result. Looks perfect now!


A wedding day boards on a new journey so naturally they are keen on documenting it in the most picturesque manner. Though the video is funny, however, the result says it all. It is a perfect shot so let’s give a huge round of applause to his photography skills.