As we all know that most of the TV commercials for smartphones focus mainly on the promotion of its ‘benefits and features’. And most of the advertisements are easy to understand. They mainly feature an actress or two, then they put a cheerful music in the background and some beautiful shots of the smartphone itself. But the Chinese smartphone Ad executive got so inspired by the Netflix show ‘Black Mirror’ that he has applied the same concept to promote their Chinese smartphone “AGM X2” in the market.

Tinder India’s New Advertisement #StartSomethingEpic Goes Viral, Appeals to Young Generation

Tinder India’s New Advertisement #StartSomethingEpic Goes Viral, Appeals to Young Generation

The mystery Ad executive especially got inspired by one episode, titled “Be Right back”. In this particular episode, it is shown that technology providing a substitute by using Artificial Intelligence to a helpless woman who was grieving over the death of her husband. Though the advert executive also got influenced by the concept of Spike Jonze’s “Her”. And finally, it turned out into a hilarious advertisement, which is silly but it will definitely convince you to buy the smartphone. (ALSO READ: The new app can help smartphones monitor your BP)

Check out the video here:

At the beginning of the year, the advertisement was released but it has recently gained all the attention. In this advertisement, it shows that a woman crying for her husband who died young, but the doctors have successfully placed his consciousness inside the phone AGM X2, which she can carry around and interact with her husband though the mobile phone. But within this storyline, they have beautifully promoted the features and benefits of the smartphone.

The woman who is the lead actress in the video reacted exactly in the right fashion. Later when the goons and the gang leader make an appearance, the music in the background created the perfect moments. This advertisement is surely fun to watch and thus, a lot of people have shared this video on their personal social media account.