We have many incidents of girlfriends and boyfriends, who go a notch higher for their love partner. From proposing to dates to wedding bells, some make it an extravaganza. However, it will be bizarre if the partner sits on a dharna. A similar incident took place in West Bengal where a man went onto fast and sat on a dharna in front of his girlfriend’s house after she broke up with him. Ananta Burman was in a relationship with a woman named Lipika for the last eight years.

However, a few days ago she stopped communicating with him and blocked him from WhatsApp, her mobile number and other social networking sites. When Burman got to know that his girlfriend’s parents are looking for a groom and some other man and his family are coming over to see her, he started a dharna outside his girlfriend’s house. He was seen sitting on the street outside the girl’s house and holding a placard that reads, “Give back my eight years.”

During the dharna, the other man and his family arrived and the girl’s family called the police but they were unable to make him break his fast or the dharna. Soon his health started to deteriorate and he was rushed to the nearby hospital. However, he denied eating even at the hospital.

Lipika’s heart melted looking at Burman’s condition and she agreed to marry him. Lipika’s family also agreed after local residents intervened. Soon after that, Lipika and Burman got married at a local temple.