A Hyderabad man took an innovative way to reach his home after he failed to get an auto or a cab on a taxi-hailing app. The man named Obesh Komirisetty was at Inorbit Mall road when he was looking for an auto and couldn’t even book a ride home, thanks to the high surge charges. Since he was also hungry, he looked for an eatery on the food-delivery app, Zomato and ordered his food. So in order to reach home, he called up the Zomato food delivery rider and asked him to take him along to the delivery location and he agreed.

Taking to Facebook, he narrated the whole incident thanking Zomato and wrote, “It was around 11.50 pm, I am at Inorbit Mall road and looking for an auto but couldn’t find anything to reach my room. So I opened Uber app but ride fares were high it’s around 300 Rs and also I am a little hungry. I just opened Zomato and searched for food shops around me, I found one Dosa Bandi near me and ordered Egg Dosa. The delivery boy came and he was going to pick up my order at Dosa Bandi. So I called him and said this is my order, I asked him to drop me in the delivery location(My Room Address). So he dropped me along with order at my room. And he asked me ‘Sir please give 5-star rating’. I said OK. Thanks to Zomato for the free ride. (sic)”

The man was praised by the official Zomato Twitter handle and it tweeted along with a ‘Genius’ GIF, “Modern problems require modern solutions.”

The post went viral on social media and soon ‘What a Legend’ picture with a laughing emoji took the internet by storm.

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