We’re all aware of the latest case of the chap who tried smuggling 94 iPhones through airport security by taping them to his body. Obviously, he was caught and rather than the crime, it was his daredevilry that stunned everyone. However, the man is not the only one who has tried something weird and bizarre. There are many like him who often try and in the weirdest ways possible, try to smuggle rare and precious or sometimes downright hideous goods through airport security! Though the iPhone smuggler from Hong Kong to China was travelling just a short distance, airport officials have found the craziest things on extremely long distance flights too!

Like what you ask? Well, like cocaine. Now, before you snort in disgust (cocaine smuggling isn’t exactly new), it is not the object this man was smuggling but the way he was doing it. The smart aleck had actualy fashioned a cast for his leg out of cocaine! Instead of plaster, there was a complete cocaine cast on his leg. And no, it was not a fake injury. He even actually fractured his leg to get plaster to look real and genuine! So then, if he was so brilliant, how did he get caught? Well, clearly, the plaster of cocaine wasn’t enough. He got greedy and decided to smuggle cocaine through by stuffing it in his bag handles too. Gah! The greedy idiot!

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While the cocaine man seems tame, there was once a man carrying 18 severed heads in his luggage! WTF! We can only imagine the shock of the airport security on discovering these severed heads in the luggage. But why was the person carrying them? Was he a serial killer who liked to keep the heads as trophies? Or was he just a normal man who got duped into carrying someone else’s luggage? Or was there some completely different angle to the story? Watch the video to know!