Where would you all be if your mother wasn’t allowed to be born? This is the thought provoking question posed by an old man when he was asked ‘why he wants a daughter?’. In India where idols of Goddesses are worshipped for centuries, there are some orthodox minds that treat the birth of a female child as a curse and burden to the family. According to the Census 2011, the sex ratio in India is 917 girls to 1000 boys. The gap between the male and female birth is alarming and is further reducing. But seldom do we think about it. (Also watch: Black Immigrant asks Lithuanian’s to translate racist comment)

Here is a video by Actor Varun Pruthi, who tries to highlight the importance of women on earth. Varun is seen talking to a 76-year-old man, who has studied till third standard. Though the old man is uneducated his opinion regarding a female child will render us speechless. He is married and has two sons but desperately craved for a daughter. After relentless prayers, his wishes were fulfilled.

When Varun asks why he wanted a daughter, he replies, “It is important to have a daughter. If girls will not be born and only boys will take birth, how will the earth exist?” The old man’s opinion is hard-hitting and absolute truth; something which must come innately! A girl is a mother, sister, daughter, wife and a friend. If you kill her, you kill many. Watch the video that might change your perception about killing a girl child: