Imagine you are with your friend at a restaurant having a nice meal, when out of nowhere a housefly lands up on your food. What do you do? Do you ignore that it ever landed after it flies of and gorge on the food? Or do you toss that food into the trash? Well, you might be knowing that flies eat some of the grossest things imaginable. They land on poop, garbage, rotting animal carcasses and what not!

Another fact you might not be knowing about flies is that they can’t chew solid food. So the flies in order to eat, spit-up enzymes onto the food. The enzymes helps to dissolve the food and lets them slurp it up.The saliva could contain remnants from the previous meals. So your meal is getting contaminated with bacteria and pathogens from the grossest things that the fly landed before it contaminated your food.(ALSO READ: Beware! Condom, finger, bullet & knife; 10 most revolting and disgusting things found in fast food)

A healthy immune system can take care of the amount of bacteria, but it is ultimately your call! So do you throw out your food when a fly lands on your plate? Well, you might start doing it after you watch this video!(ALSO READ: Foods you should totally ban for glowing, healthy skin)