Well we’ve all seen those videos where adults get asked a lot of questions on their country, or on general knowledge and they fail miserably. But then, we’ve never seen this one unique video before. We’ve all seen India and the map of India. Why, we’ve studied it all through our school life! Geography lessons each year consisted of atleast one chapter on India and Indian GK. We’ve studied what grows where, what state is famous for what, what state is situated where, etc, etc. But then with India, the thing is there are a whole lot of changes. The country keeps going through state divisions and name changes as regularly as Donald Trump makes a sexist joke.

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So then, we can understand when Indians are suddenly asked about the number of states and they hesitate a bit, we can quite understand. But then, not knowing the number of states at all? That is entirely ridiculous! And then, what about those lessons in school where you had to draw the map? Though it began with just naming the states, it did move on to drawing the shape of each state in the map. And while you might argue that you had a stencil to help you out, you still drew using the stencil and saw what that shape looked like! So then no, no excuses there! But then, when these adults are asked the names of states, watch their confusion!

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While some try and get the right one, other describe the shapes in completely funny ways! Ok, so, which Indian state looks like a bell you think? From poop to flying ghosts, we have all sorts of descriptions! It is honestly downright hilarious! Take a look and laugh all you want! Oh, and if you manage to guess the name of the state, give yourself a big pat on the back! All the best folks!