We adults love our coffee! We can’t seem to get by for even a day without the life-supporting fluid. Coffee is possibly the most blessed and the most demanded drink in the world. The success of practically every coffee chain in the world proves that. The fluid keeps us awake, alert and basically functioning. No feeling in the world is better than settling down with your cuppa coffee and while a lot of regions in India have preferred tea over coffee (except for the South Indian regions which just cannot do without kappi), the coffee chain craze has unleashed a coffee addiction even in the tea-preferring Indians.

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There are a whole lot of different ways in which you can make your coffee. There are even tons of different brews available in the world. Some like their coffee bitter, some overly sweet. Some like it with milk, some plain – in shots. Some prefer coffee with whipped cream and chocolate, others like it straight. There’s even different ways to powder the coffee – finely powdered, more granular, big granular, etc. There are times different flavours are added to coffee to make it more interesting – flavours like hazelnut and caramel are a favourite but there are even other spiced flavours like cinnamon coffee or cardamom coffee.

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From your early morning cuppa to the time you serve one to your date – the coffee is with you all day. But then, what about kids? Did you ever have coffee as a kid? And what do you think a child’s honest reaction will be when he/she has coffee for the first time? Yumm or yuck? Watch this video to know!