Trust us Indians to love everything India. And when you say India, you just cannot leave Dairy Milk behind. Dairy Milk is a part and parcel of India. It has slowly even replaced traditional sweets with it’s sweetness and these days, seeing a Dairy Milk festive pack is just as common as your red-and-gold mithai dabbas. Created by Cadbury’s, Dairy Milk is actually not Indian at all though synonymous with everything chocolate in India. It was actually created by Cadbury’s first in the UK in 1905. It became particularly popular as for the first time ever, a brand had used an increased amount of milk in the chocolate, making it milky. By 1914, Dairy Milk had won the hearts of the UK-ians.

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Cadbury Dairy Milk has been wooing Indians since 1984. Though there were other bars introduced by Cadbury’s, nothing became quite the rage like Dairy Milk. In fact, such was the Dairy Milk fame that Cadbury or the term chocolate has now become synonymous with the purple bar in India. While Dairy Milk is available in other countries too, it’s perhaps the most famous and loved in India.

Europe has always been known for chocolate but the moment you utter the word chocolate, it is no country other than Switzerland that comes to mind. The smoothness, the richness, the melt-in-the-mouth feel… Nothing, just nothing in the world can match up to the joy of eating a Swiss chocolate. So, what happens when Rickshawaali goes to Switzerland, walks up to a few Swiss and asks them to sample Dairy Milk?

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