What if Batman was from Chennai and not Gotham City?

What if everyone’s favourite caped crusader came from Chennai instead of Gotham City? A new hilarious video by Put Chutney imagines how different The Dark Knight’s life would be if he was a middle-class Tamil boy. Instead of dealing with crime, he has to face the villains that plague the Indian middle-class like arranged marriage, high-flying peers, getting a quarter of alcohol from government-mandated liquor shops and arranged marriage.

The best bit of the video was the voiceover at the ending: ‘Because he is commitment phobic. He is not the hero you deserve, but the alliance you need. Good boy, middle class family, don’t worry. He will take care of you nicely.’ The video also has Tamil versions of Catwoman, the Joker and Alfred, who’s more like a father than a butler here.

Our Review: As a spoof attempt, the video is funny, but we’ve seen funnier parodies out there. Watch video and let us know if you like it.