avengersPut Chutney which took the internet by storm with its What if Batman was Chennai video, now adds a South Indian twist to Marvel’s Avengers. The video titled What if Avengers were from South India, imagines how different life would be for everyone’s favourite superhero team. The video features Tamil actor Manobala as director Fury Jaganath as he tries to find gainful employment for the team.

In this parallel universe, SHIELD stands for the Super Hero Immediate Employment Liaison Department and stars Tushar Ramakrishnan as Captain America Return, Aswin Rao as Iron Man/Andhoni Ithyanath Starch, Sainath Saikrishnan  as Giri Thor, while Karuppai/Black Widow is played by Sritha Baskar, Hulk/Pachaippa by Bhargav Ramakrishnan, Hawkeye/Kakai by Balaji Mohan and Loki/ Lokesh is played G Vignesh. Put Chutney’s debut video featured a South Indian Batman dealing with middle-class issues like unemployment, arranged marriage and buying alcohol from a government-mandated liquor store.

The sequel to Avengers, titled Avengers: Age of Ultron sees all our favourite supeheroes return to battle Ultron, has set box offices all around the world on fire. So far, it has earned over $200 million around the world, and it hasn’t even been released in the US yet, where it will release on May 1!