When it comes to competitions, people can come up with bizarre ideas and its latest proof is What The Fart (WTF) competition that will be held in Surat, Gujarat. Yes, you heard us right. The first of its kind farting contest, which is scheduled to be held on September 22, will ask contestants to fart loudly. It a test to see whose farts are the loudest, the longest and the most melodious. The competition is a brainchild of 48-year-old Yatin Sangoi, a singer who claims that he has once featured on the popular singing show in 2001 and his partner Mul Sanghvi. The duo is on the search of the next ‘padshah’ and we are not kidding!

Speaking about the contest, Sangoi told VICE, “I farted in the middle of watching a movie with my family and one of them laughed and said that if there was a contest, I would’ve won. That’s when it hit me that while fart contests happen in countries like China, UK and US, and even have a world cup, we don’t have anything like it in India.”

“I want to normalise the process of farting. Even 20-25 years back, people used to fart openly, but now they’ve become all sophisticated and consider it gross, often shamed for farting publicly, when even doctors will tell you that farting is one of the healthiest human body functions”, he added.

As per Sangoi, participants who manage to give out a most musical fart while doing a power puff will take home trophies and might also take Rs 5,000 to Rs 15,000. The contest will be held at a local club and includes a registration fee of Rs 100. According to the organisers, the competition is in the spirit of fun and farts. The judges will be stand-up comedian and doctors. Sangoi also revealed that he will update participants with several ways to prepare for the contest through the event’s Facebook page.