Nature has a lot of surprises up its sleeves, as six fishermen discovered when they came across a 27 feet long reticulated python. The incident took place in the Padang Pariaman region of Indonesia when the fishermen were walking by a stream trying to catch eels. The stream appeared to be in the middle of a forest, with a lot of trees growing close to its banks.

According to, the men were walking along when one of them stepped on what appeared to be a log, which turned out to be a snake. The minute he stepped on it, the surprised python moved and went into survival mode by instinctively wrapping itself around one of the men’s ankles.

Though not poisonous, the python’s bite is just as deadly and the men immediately began to wrestle with the 100 kg reptile to overpower and prevent it from biting anyone. In the few minutes that they tried to grab hold of the python’s mouth, the animal’s strength could clearly be seen as it tried to wrap itself around another fisherman. Check the video out:

One fisherman, Tan Galuang, said that he found the snake, “I found the snake first of all. I walked on it. I thought it was a log. I was shocked. There were six men all trying to fight it. The snake was wrapped around my friend’s leg and we quickly released it.”

Tan further revealed that though they were out fishing, they landed a bigger prize with the snake.

“We were only looking for fish, but the snake is like the grand prize. My religion forbids me from eating the snake, so I could not make a meal from it,” he stated.

From the video that was shared by Viral Press we could see that the snake was placed in a large cage. It remained there for several days until it was picked up by wildlife officials and released back into the wild far from settlements.

The reticulated python (Python Reticulatus), which is the longest snake in the world, can grow up to 30 feet long.