This video, created as a promotional by JSW Steel, sums up the mentality of orthodox Indians who stand up as an obstacle in every woman’s way. It shows the mindset that expects a woman to remain within the boundaries of the kitchen and household. It’s tells the inspirational story of a village woman who beat all odds to materialise her dreams of being a wrestler.

The ad film is showcases the true story of Geeta Phogat, the first Indian woman to win a gold medal in Wrestling at the Commonwealth Games (CWG) 2010. Coming from a conservative background of Balali in Haryana, she fought a lot of problems to become a wrestler. In the beginning, a village where wrestling is considered a man’s sport, she had to fight the entire village to achieve her goals.

This video shows how Geeta overcame all societal norms and paved her way to success. It was not an easy task, and it was her strong determination and perseverance that helped her in the journey. Watch the video to see her amazing story!

Edited by Shweta Parande