A female police officer in Kerala is being praised across the country for her gesture towards cancer patients. Aparna Lavakumar, who works as a senior cop in Irinjalakuda in Thrissur shaved her head to support the cancer patients. Aparna had long hair that ran upto the knees and she chopped them off to boost the confidence of the cancer patients who suffer from extreme hair fall during chemotherapy. Her efforts were acknowledged by actor Anushka Sharma who took to her Instagram stories to share a picture of Aparna with her shaved head. She put a heart emoji along with sparkles on the post.

In her interview with The News Minute, Aparna opened up on why she took the step and how she felt it was necessary to help the cancer patients to come over their inhibitions. She also revealed that she was donating her hair to Amala Cancer Research Centre in Thrissur. She said, “It can be unnerving when you lose your hair after chemotherapy. I wanted to show support by going bald and normalising it,” adding that she met a 10-year-old cancer patient who admitted that he was bullied for having no hair after going through chemotherapy for cancer. Aparna said she realised how people who are already struggling to fight the ailment also go through bullying and the pressure of looking beautiful as per social standards.

“These children go through a lot of bullying because they are bald. Apart from their illness and issues related to treatment, comments and stares from classmates can also add to their worries,” she said. Aparna also mentioned that she doesn’t believe she should be written about or praised for shaving her head as she thinks she hasn’t done anything extraordinary. She was quoted saying, “My latest act did not deserve any notice at all. My hair will grow back in a year or two. For me, real heroes are people who donate their organs for the needy.”

“What’s in a look,” she further asked.