Fake news is becoming quite a quagmire for WhatsApp in India. The App is not even able to curb the issue of fake messages being spread through the medium. There is a message that is being widely circulated on WhatsApp and Facebook, that Mumbai is under a terrorist attack. You must have received a forwarded message with a video of a man who says not to go out of the house.

The video is being circulated along with the message which reads as, “Mumbai Police Commissioner: Total Mumbai under terrorist attack. Please be careful. All railway stations. All bars and cinema halls. Auditoriums. All public places. Please forward to all groups. Jay Hind. Jay Maharashtra. Stay at home o not venture out for few days”.

Watch the video here:

However, this piece of information is NOT true. A reverse search of the screenshot taken from the video reveals that the video is essentially part of a longer 1:29 minute video on YouTube. And, the man in the video is not Mumbai Police Commissioner Sanjay Barve. As per the YouTube link, the man is Brigadier (Retd) Hemant Mahajan, a former Defence official who now lives in Pune.

As fake WhatsApp forwards lead to various issues, the instant messaging app limited the forwarding of a message in India earlier this year.

Readers, be aware of fake news, don’t panic after reading WhatsApp forwards.