Not only Facebook and Instagram went down, WhatsApp too was down for a moment. Many users faced the problem as the messenger app was down due to server maintenance. The users complained they were unable to send and receive messages on the app. So, therefore it started trending on Twitter as people went out of control to find the root cause of WhatsApp not being active. However, the things got sorted and the app is working fine now. The problem was across the globe and now everything is fine.

Twitterati opened their accounts to check whether WhatsApp is down or no. And many angry users vented their frustration and trolled WhatsApp. One of the users says, “witter is Winning Again”. The other one says, “WhatsApp Down, Instagram Down, Twitter Always Up.. Thank You Twitter”.

Take a look at the reactions below:

With all the fuss over it, #WhatsAppDown started trending on Twitter, and social media users couldn’t help but could make joke. Even after the service was resumed, Twitter was overflowing with ‘WhatsApp Down’ jokes.