Google marks their 17th birthday with a simplistic yet nostalgic doodle. The web link to the doodle takes you automatically to the search “When is Google’s birthday”. Today, the 27th day of September is being celebrated as the 17th birthday of the search giant with the short text answer reading, “The Google doodle for its 4th birthday is dated September 27 but the 5th birthday doodle was on September 8, a year later it becomes September 7, followed by September 26 for its 7th birthday.

The doodle is simple and nostalgic as it presents a computer table with an old CRT monitor and bulky keyboard. There are two helium filled balloons that mark the festive occasion. There is a groovy green lava lamp on the right side of the desk.

The computer screen shows the first extremely basic HTML webpage that Google presented for users. There is a small penguin that is peeking out from behind the computer monitor. There is a white wired mouse and a party hat on top of the computer monitor. There is an interesting box on the right hand side behind the lava lamp with two vortex portal grey and black opening facing the computer monitor. What’s interesting is there are two Lego figures sitting on the weird box as well. Two sets of wires of seemingly different thickness coils down below the desk. The coil and colour of the wires behind the box kind of looks like the tail of Porky Pig from Looney Toons.