The online shopping is booming not only in India but globally as well. People prefer to shop online according to their convenience and that pretty much is reflecting in the sales of these online retailers. Just couple of weeks back online giant registered huge profits, surpassing Walmart.

The market pundits will have their own theory, without doubt the better ones, on why has been a success story so far. But according to 2 News channel anchor sells sex toys and Walmart doesn’t so that is why the former has seen increase in sales. While there is no evidence of it, but the anchor has his own one. His friend works in the warehouse of Amazon and has told him that they sell sex toys in tons which Walmart cannot.

Well, not sure whether it was a blooper or not but the news anchor seems to be the firm believer of the fact that sex toys have helped Amazon grow. Watch the video below and check how the news anchor takes everyone by surprise.