The Biebs has done it again. Roamed about displaying his manhood while on vacation with his girl. And these nude pictures of Justin Bieber were shared and have gone viral, of course. The Baby singer now plans to sue the person who leaked his pictures, say reports. But he really shouldn’t be doing it, as earlier too, his semi-nude pictures have been talked about. Or shall we say, made fun of?

This happened during the time of the singer’s photoshoot of Calvin Klein. The area around his crotch, as also his biceps and abs, had been worked upon in Photoshop. While this happens after every photo shoot, the fact that Justin Bieber’s penis was made to look bigger made him the butt of jokes among haters.

As it is, the baby-faced Justin who debuted on YouTube as a child has been called a girl and even a lesbian by his detractors. So, why does Justin Bieber’s penis matter so much? We share this archive video by MTV Braless that takes a look at this phenomenon. It also looks at the way men have to face prejudice as regards their ‘size’. And maybe that Justin is the victim here.

Watch MTV video.