Many, many breweries usually having this quote written somewhere on the walls: ‘Beer is proof that god loves us and wants us to be happy.’ The quote is often attributed to Benjamin Franklin, one of the founding father of the USA, but there’s no proof to suggest that he actually said. It’s even more unlikely because Franklin was an atheist, but if you ever needed proof about God’s existence, beer would be a pretty good argument. Here we have Being Indian ask the denizens of the nation, why they drink beer and to share some crazy beer stories.

Why you should drink beer in moderation?

Not only does beer taste bloody good, it also actually has tonnes of health benefits too (something people really don’t know). Studies have actually shown that beer improves heart health, improves blood flow, and even reduces the risk of heart disease and stroke. Of course, like everything else, beer is only good in moderation and overconsumption can result in obesity, hangovers and very bad decision- making!

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