On Friday morning, popular online streaming platform Netflix had a site error for a short period of time and the internet loses its cool. Over 2,000 Netflix subscribers reported seeing an error on Netflix while they were trying to log into the online streaming platform. The error was reported both in the UK and US. The viewers in Brighton, Southampton, Plymouth, Bristol, South Wales, Birmingham, Nottingham, Manchester and Edinburgh barged on the online streaming service for the error.

The similar issue was faced by the customers across North America, Brazil and Western Europe when they tried to log in into their account. The problem occurred at around 12:15 am and reports suggested that half the viewers reported the issue on the website while a few complained about the connection.

The subscribers said that they were unable to stream anything on the website. The micro-blogging site, Twitter was flooded with the tweets along with the official handle of Netflix. One user tweeted, “Why is Netflix down? what am I supposed to do? go out? see people?” while the other wrote, “It took Netflix going down for me to realize I have a Netflix dependency.”

Some of the users also tweeted memes and GIF’s to show their dependency on Netflix and some tried to understand if it’s the problem at their end or the problem persists with the website.

However, the problem was fixed soon by the Netflix following massive complaints against the website not streaming anything at all.