As the power-sharing tussle is going on between the BJP and Shiv Sena, it’s not yet clear who will become Maharashtra’s next CM. Of course, the indications are that Devendra Fadnavis will enjoy an uninterrupted stint of five years on the chair, but no formal announcement has yet been made. Both Maharashtra and Haryana went to the polls on October 21, Results were announced on October 24. While Haryana CM and deputy CM have taken the oath, in Maharashtra, it’s still work-under-progress.

Twitter users, however, has come up with their own suggestions. And it’s neither BJP nor Shiv Sena.


One user suggested that until there’s a CM, Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor can be the CM as he impressed his audience as Shivaji Rao who became the CM for just one day. In a turn of events, Shivaji Rao, who was a reporter became the CM and set unprecedented examples of good governance. Though the movie was released in 2001, it seems the audience can’t get over the movie yet. And whenever there’s any reference to Maharashtra election, Shivaji Rao comes to the discourse inevitably.

As the demand to make Anil Kapoor the CM was gathering steam on social media, it seems that the Nayak himself noticed it. Retweeting it, he added that he is happy being ‘abhineta’ — not harbouring any wish to become a neta in near future.


Bollywood and politics move hand in hand as several Bollywood stars are in politics. So if fans want to see Anil Kapoor in politics, there’s nothing absurd in it. But the journey of realpolitik is difficult as Shivaji Rao in Nayak didn’t have to negotiate with disgruntled allies!