Have you ever wondered how do wild animals react to their reflections on mirror placed in the jungle? Animals, when untamed, are the most expressive creatures on planet earth. If you don’t believe it, this video by Caters Tv on YouTube will make you believe it. (Also watch: Cutest Animal Video Ever? This baby Gorilla and Chimpanzee’s bathing clip will make you go aww!)

The 3-minute-video begins with a group of people installing a three-pronged mirror in the middle of a jungle. What follows then, is a variety of animals try their hands looking at the big-and-wide mirror installed there. The reactions of animals, while seeing themselves on the mirror, are too cute to handle. (Also watch: Funny video: Animals having trouble walking on ice!)

From elephants to leapords, from orangtuan to monkeys; the scenes are simply rib-tickling. Watch the hilarious video of animals’ reactions after watching themselves in mirror for the first time probably, below: