Firefox super trek mtbr

The whopping cost of Firefox’s latest option to their already expensive line of premium bicycles known as the Trek Elite 9.9 SSL costs a mind boggling 4.25 lakh. They might as well have two cost figures with an on-road and an ex-showroom cost when showcasing the bike.

It might come with its own bodyguard running behind you as insuring a cycle will probably have you laughed at by insurance company agents.

Let’s have a look at why the once poor man’s means of transport has transcended to such a great cost. First of all the cycle is made from carbon fiber making it extremely light at a mere 10 kg. Carbon fiber is used in F1 and hyper cars to make the cars stiff yet light for superior performance. The whole chassis of the bike is one single frame and has not screws of joints or shoddy patchwork. Another reason why it costs a bomb is because it is made by OCLV technology, it doesn’t matter what it is but what does matter is that OCLV tech is used in making space shuttles so this cycle is made from space age materials which hardly seems necessary considering no astronaut has to pedal their way to explore the surface of the moon.

The hydraulic disk brakes on the cycle come from the same technology used in motorbikes; way more unnecessary unless the rider is will try to break the land speed record in which case the brakes will be useless.

Hydraulics is present in absorption of the shocks that the rider might feel but the person who is soft in the head to buy this cycle can change between 20 gears and will have all the nuts and bolts made from titanium. This cycle might have been made in the same factory as the Pagani Huayra.

Well done Firefox, you have found another way to appeal to the snobbish side of Indian society.