The Buzzfeed Ladylike women are back! This time, they are going to try vintage period belts! Before women started using tampons and sanitary napkins or pads, throughout the 20th-century women used sanitary belts. Until the self-adhesive sanitary pads came out in the 1970s, women always used the sanitary belts.

Although these period belts look weird AF, but the women are game for the period belts. The ladies over at BuzzFeed are ready with sanitary belts, and a magazine from the ’60s to know how to deal with their periods in the vintage way! Although they do some trouble at first, but gradually they start getting in the groove of things.

Women, for whom period pain is a monthly nightmare can now sigh a breath of relief that they are still not using these uncomfortable period products for their hygiene. Just because it is the vintage product, did not mean that it would be comfortable. The girls ended up with the most unlikely reactions as they are thankful to the modern technology period products!