You will be amazed to see this video shared by a Health Care Administration page. The page shares posts related to all health care professionals, health care providers, medical staff and supporting staff, medical news. But this particular video has got many people talking about the beautiful feeling of motherhood. You will me amazed to see this 4-D ultrasound video to see the unborn baby’s movements captured on this video thanks to the technological help by the health care administration. The 4D ultrasound video shows the unborn baby inside the mother’s womb and how it is adapting inside.

4D UltrasoundA baby seen from the inside, Amazing Video!Signup to our site: MeddyBear.Net/Signup Source: Meddy Bear – UkrainePosted by Meddy Bear on Saturday, December 19, 2015

The baby is seen moving limbs, kicking, yawning, waving and doing one of a kind dance wiggling around and the footage looks amazing, as the 4D scans can show moving 3D images.The video went viral because it is for the first time such a 4D ultrasound video has surfaced online. The video has 13,176,156 Views and has been shared more that 261,097 times! Isn’t that incredible? If you have not seen 4D ultrasound video watch it here. (ALSO READ: Demon, Hindu goddess or Mermaid? Check out the most controversial ultrasound scan image of an unborn baby!)